The Vamps: Day Edition CD/DVD

Day Edition CD/DVD

The Vamps

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  • Release Date 13 July 2018
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Virgin EMI
Disc 1: Audio

1. Just My Type

2. Hair Too Long

3. Talk Later

4. Too Good To Be True- Danny Avila & The Vamps feat Machine Gun Kelly

5. For You

6. What Your Father Says

7. Cheap Wine – Vamps & Kris Kross Amsterdam

8. Personal featuring Maggie Lindemann

9. Time Is Not On Our Side

10. Pictures of Us

11. Middle Of The Night

12. All Night

13. Hands

14. Same To You

15. Paper Hearts

16. Shades On

17. It’s a Lie

18. Stay

Disc 2: DVD

19. Intro (Live From The O2)

20. Wake Up (Live From The O2)

21. Wild Heart (Live From The O2)

22. Hands (Live From the O2)

23. Somebody to You (Live From The O2)

24. Platinum Album Presentation (Live From The O2)

25. Paper Hearts (Live From The O2)

26. Oh Cecilia (Live From The O2)

27. Shades On (Live From The O2)

28. Time Is Not On Our Side (Live From The O2)

29. Middle Of The Night (Live From The O2)

30. Risk It All (Live From The O2)

31. Last Night (Live From The O2)

32. Can We Dance (Live From The O2)

33. Rest Your Love (Live From The O2)

34. All Night (Live From The O2)

35. End Credits (Live From The O2)